Reviews and photos from the owners of our graduates. You can ask each of them a question about me, my cattery and my kitten who lives with them
Kion Goodfild (Titan)
Kion Goodfild (Titan)
Lives in USA, Kingsland, Georgia 

 As a happy pet, owner - Sierra Noe

Lary Goodfild (Tovarisch)
Lary Goodfild (Tovarisch)
Lives in US, Owl Hollow Road, Franklin 

As a happy pet, owner - Evie Straumfjord Petersen

Jessica Goodfild (Opal)
Jessica Goodfild (Opal)
Lives in US, Bullard, Texas 

As a happy pet, owner - Summer Snow-Boyd

Matthew Goodfild (Dexter)
Lives in Canada, Caledonia, Ontario
As a happy pet, owner - Tonia Will Lariviere
Juliet Goodfild
Lives in US, Elmira, New York
As a happy pet, owner - Kim Strazzere
Max Goodfild
Lives in US, Boswell Rd Phenix City
As a happy pet, owner - Shannah Lowry

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